Complimentary Medicine

People have asked me what kind of natural/complimentary medicine I’ve been doing so I’ll fill you in a bit.  My family doctor here in Kalamazoo does homeopathic medicine and is a bit more natural.  He’s doing Iscador Therapy with me, or as I like to call it “mistletoe therapy.”  He also made a homepathic brew for me and is going to be helping me with some herbal suppliments soon.  I am also taking high doses of melatonin and curcumin suppliments.  I take New Chapter vitamins for vitamin D and in case I miss anything.  As far as how I’m eating.  I was already pretty organic and crunchy.  My diet was high in anti-cancer and anti-oxident foods like kale, green tea and green smoothies (although I eat these daily now).  I am looking more into raw foodism, although I’m not sure if I completely agree with a vegan, 100% raw diet.  I’m avoiding jumping on any one bandwagon…..I’ve certainly received my share of “cure-all’s” since my diagnosis.  If you hear of a new study or complimentary medicine that is not too far out (like drinking my pee) feel free to pass it on.  I will certainly read about it.  And if you know of someone who has specifically done the Hallelujah Diet I’d be interested to hear their thoughts, successes, etc.

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4 thoughts on “Complimentary Medicine

  1. Ranay Brown says:

    I was on Chemo for 2 years, been a vegetrian for 30 years. Do what is natural, what your stomach can handle at this time, and what your comfortable with. It sounds like you already had a natural diet, you can’t get any better than that!
    I always ask myself before I eat something, “Is this from God, or is this from Man?” I try to stick with the foods God gave us, afterall He designed food!
    Faithfully praying!

  2. Amy Heath says:

    Hi Jenn,
    We’ve met, but I don’t know if you recognize the name. I’m the adult discipleship pastor at Ypsilanti FMC. I have prayed for you almost every day since I heard of your diagnosis. Just know that the Lord reminds me of you frequently, and I’m asking for complete healing, just because I know he can.
    I will pray for your family as well. I’m glad to have found your blog.
    Peace to you my sister,
    p.s. Jane Litton sends her prayers and love from Navada. Her email is She’s a survivor too.

  3. Jennifer Becker says:

    Hi Jenn –

    You asked about the Hallelujah Diet. My husband and I tried that for a while about 10 years ago, though it was hard for us to be strict about it. My allergies totally disappeared while I was on that diet. I had a hard time in other ways, though. Not sure if I can help, but let me know if you have specific questions.

    Jennifer Becker
    New Hope FMC
    Rochester NY

  4. Deb Kloosterman says:

    …..Jen, I thought about this today for some reason……when my mom had cancer in her liver, she went on the Macrobiotic diet….her tumor turned black and died! The doctors were amazed!……I don’t know much about Macrobiotics as I was in college at the time……but I think there might be more out there about Macrobiotics as complementary to cancer treatment…then there is about Raw right now…not sure…but I’d be happy to help you explore…..I’m still working on making you a delicious chocolate without sugar…I’m still surprised that your doctor said no sugar… would think there would be more out there about how sugar feeds cancer….and if doctors are telling their patients…there might be a warning label on bags of sugar…or anything that has it in it!….Blessings….you and your family are in our prayers….love, Deb

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