Thursday’s Chemo

I had chemo on Thursday and my platelet count was at 187,000!  That is GREAT for me even on a good day without cancer….lol!  Thanks for the prayers!

I’m doing quite well….it’s Saturday afternoon and I’m headed off for a nap but feel very little bone pain like last time and not too much nausea.  The bone pain comes from a shot they give after chemo to encourage white blood cell production but we heard taking tylenol, benadryl and claritin before the shot would help….and it did!

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2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Chemo

  1. whymommy says:

    That’s fantatsic! Hang in there and give yourself a break when you need it … you can do this!

  2. Imstell says:

    Hello. I found you from WhyMommy’s place. Welcome to the blogosphere. I am an 18 month survivor of IBC.

    I wish someone had tipped me off on the Tylenol/Benadryl/Claratin cocktail before Neulasta. It kicked my butt every other week. I think it was worse than the chemo!

    Great news on the counts! I’ll be watching and praying.

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