High Enough

I had chemo today. I had to convince the nurse and doctor on call that the platelets were high enough for me at 85,000. Whew….it was a close call. They don’t like to do it under 100,000 but will if it’s close. I must have just squeeked by:) Thank goodness I didn’t have to come back! We arrived at 12:45 and didn’t start chemo till 3:00 pm. It was a busy day at the Cancer Center.

I’m off to bed…..not looking forward to the next week. It will be a tough week since Jeremy is off on a work related trip….he’s leaving Sunday and will be gone till Thursday night…..yikes! Thanks for praying!


5 thoughts on “High Enough

  1. Dear Jen~
    I’m praying for a week of no side effects…and for safety while Jeremy is gone. My LIFE group has committed to praying through this journey with you. (They have to do what I say b/c I’m the leader.) 🙂 Ok–they really want to.


  2. Sarah S. says:

    So glad you got to get your treatment (that does not sound right) I hope you have a good weekend with no nausea. Rest up 🙂

  3. Christy Durrance says:

    It’s been a while, so not sure if you remember sharing an office with me at Ichthus. 🙂 Somehow our husbands became “friends” on facebook and I discovered your blog from there. Just wanted you to know I have not been able to get you off my mind since I read your entries yesterday. I will continue to read and pray and just wanted to send you a short note to reconnect. Someday when you are feeling like it, I would love to hear more about your birth junkie journey…we have four and the last was born at home so I have been labeled the same by many. 🙂
    Grace and Peace to you in these days,
    Christy Durrance

  4. Dick Reivitt says:

    We’re glad you got through this cycle again. We will be praying for you during the coming week (as will our church) and know that we love you dearly.

  5. Shelli says:

    YIKES — a work related trip — I’ll pray for you. I always do, everyday, but this will help me know better how to pray.

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