I went to visit with Dr. Morijver today at University of Michigan. I’m glad I did. It clarified some things for me….especially concerning the mastectomy. She was (to say it mildly) pretty firm that I do need the mastectomies. It’s not really an option if I want to stay away from recurrence. In her words….”I have a very serious disease” and I need to do it to be cured.
So I’m ready to do it. Hopefully we can get it on the calendar soon so I can gear up for it.
She also got on me about being in the sun…..woops. Guess that was a bad idea. I guess I am a bit too red. I guess I need to stay in the shade while on chemo. She also mentioned I may need to have a few doses of chemo again after radiation…..ugh….after my hair starts growing back. But I guess if I need to do it I will.
And….after all the lectures, she looked at my breasts and they look great! (It feels a bit silly to say that) But they do! Even the lymph nodes feel great she said. No swelling or hardening. They feel completely normal….just a bid of redness on my right breast where the inflammation was.
Thanks for praying….


5 thoughts on “UofM

  1. Kerri W says:

    You have been in my prayers Jen, sounds as if the visit was a positive one. Hopefully they will all be like this one and just get better as the months go on.

  2. Sarah S. says:

    Good news. All the prayers are working! You will make it through the mastectomies. I did! It will be hard but you can do it 🙂

  3. Shelli says:

    praise to Jesus! i’m so thankful! I LOVE YOU!

  4. Kim Kopec says:

    Hi Jen!

    I’m so glad to hear your treatments are doing what they are supposed to be doing! I think about you every day and would love to get together sometime soon! You’ve also been doing a great job with your blog. Thanks for keeping everyone posted about your progress, I check my feeds everyday to hear what’s going on in your world so I know how to pray.

    btw – did you see Dana in last Wednesday’s paper? There was a HUGE article about her fashion, bald head and all. If you haven’t seen it, I’ll save it for ya.

    Take care and sprinkle some dandelions on your next salad,

    Kim 🙂

  5. Karel Shadley says:

    What a blessing and answer to prayer. I also want to say thank you for the blog. I check it every day to see how things are going for you and if there is anything new or special you want prayers for. You truly are an inspiration to so many women. You have such a positive attitude.


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