I’m sorry I’m not keeping up with writing here as much as I should. I’m enjoying not being sick and am spending time with the kids outside and keeping busy. I get sick for a week so I try to cram as much into the next two weeks as I can. I can tell that chemo is beginning to wear on me so I’m not able to do as much as I would like. It seems like each session makes me more and more tired. I still try to work out at the YMCA a few days a week and take walks, but it seems like I am getting more and more anxious for that 8 pm bedtime to arrive for the kids so I can get to bed too! Only two more session left…..and then the next step.
I heard a quote a few days ago from John Lennon (he did have some simple and profound words occasionally….). But he said….”Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.”
So Jeremy and I have had to adjust and learn to live life as it comes. I’m adjusting to viewing my body differently. We’ve not stopped making plans for the future….we do think I’ll have complete healing, but we’ve had a little detour along the way. We’re learning to make adjustments as needed. We’re learning that God supplies what we need from day-to-day like He cared for Elijah in the wilderness. Not always as we think it should be but totally in His plans….in His bigger picture.
I meet with my new oncologist tomorrow…..everyone says she is great….so I’m looking forward to it. As always….I’ll get back with you on how it goes.


2 thoughts on “Life….

  1. Sarah S. says:

    My husband says it is just a bump in the road. So that is how I try and view it and my future. Good luck with you Dr appoinment. Rest up 🙂

  2. Rev. Sue Wynn says:

    Just writing to say I was thinking of you, and came to your blog site to see how you’re doing . . . we pray for you to continue to lean into Christ –– His strength is perfected in weakness, and His grace is sufficient. We love you! Jeff and Sue

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