We had a busy weekend. Meleah was a fairy princess at her ballet recital. We also spent a little time at the park on Friday night. I’ve added some pictures below of the kiddos. On Saturday I did too much gardening and washed the windows on the outside of our house. I was so tired Jeremy sent me to bed at 8 pm. It was good to be outside. Next weekend I’ll be out of commission so it was nice to get things done. I had a nice mother’s day as well. The girls helped Jeremy make breakfast and they bought me a nice outdoor lounge chair so I can relx outside after my surgery.
Last Friday I met with my new oncologist. Her name is Marsha Liepman and is quite well known around these parts. So people have lots of opinions about her….mostly she is very well liked. I am happy to say I LOVED her! She was very nice, answered all my questions and seemed very knowledgable. I just felt like I connected with her…..which was really nice because I was nervous about starting with a new doctor.
I have my next chemo this Wednesday. Only two left…..I’m almost there!


5 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. Hope says:

    I’m thankful you liked your new doctor. Your children are lovely! Still praying, Hope

  2. Shelli says:

    love you — the pictures are delightful! I’m so glad to hear that you liked your doctor. God does provide.


  3. Tom Davis says:

    I noticed in Jeremy’s facebook that you were having chemo. I don’t know what to say. Should I encourage you? Should I mourn with you?
    I admire you. I am excited for you given the circumstances, there seem to be many joys along the way. I’m proud of Jeremy for being such a good husband and dad. I’m enriched by the memories we’ve shared. The other day my wife (I married Susie Bransford) and I were walking through the grocery and we saw an opened top freezer and remembered the time, in Wisconsin, I lifted you into the freezer and you couldn’t get up because we were all laughing so hard.

    Anyway, I could go on, but it is wonderful to connect with your current life.

  4. Suzanne says:

    HI-I also have IBC. I saw your name on whymommy’s site. I”m glad you’re close to end of chemo! Contact me!

  5. Pam (fellow IBC Warrior) says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I just happened on your site this evening. It must have been fate! I am moving back to Kalamazoo tomorrow morning from Minnesota. I am 41 and was diagnosed with stage IIIb IBC in Nov, 2006.

    Please email me. I’d love to hear how you like your new Onc as I am in need of a new one.

    Pam (ibcwarrior@gmail.com)

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