Uncooperative Platelets

Those crummy platelets. They get in the way everytime! Ughhhh! I was so wanting chemo today because that would mean I would only have one more left……but no….my platelets did not want to cooperate. They were only at 32,000….which is rather low…so we rescheduled for monday in the hopes they will decide to recover between now and then. You’all can pray for my uncooprative platelets. I SO want chemo so that I can be done with this part of treatment.
I did get a dose of Herceptin since that doesn’t make me sick and doesn’t effect my platelets but is really good for my type of cancer. They have to give me benedryl with the herceptin to make sure I don’t have an allergic reaction to it. That stuff totally knocks me out. So when I got home I slept for three hours. Thanks to my mom for sticking around while I slept off the benedryl.
I’ll try to look on the positive side….I won’t be sick this weekend:)


One thought on “Uncooperative Platelets

  1. Hi dear Jen–
    Still checking your sight daily and praying even more. Have a lovely, sick-free, platelet-boosting weekend! 🙂

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