5 down, 1 to go!

Yes! Only one more left! My platelets were still low but they decided to go ahead with treatment….with a little bit of pleading on my end. They lowered the amount of my carboplatin and taxotere by 10% in hopes that my platelets won’t take such a hit this time. I was home by 2 pm and slept off the benedryl they give me for a few hours and I’m doing pretty well now.
I meet with my radiologist for the first time tomorrow. We’ll start getting ready for radiation therapy even though it will be a few months away before I start. My friend Kristen who is ahead of me on this cancer journey stopped by when she was at the cancer center for an appointment with radiation. She is doing so well. She finished chemo a month ago and promises me that I WILL FEEL BETTER! It does get better and I will have more energy! Yeah! I’m so glad she’s doing well and enjoying her chemo free body. She even showed me the cute fuzz growing on the top of her head!
I’m not looking forward to this week but hopefully by the weekend I’ll start feeling better and from what I hear its supposed to beautiful this weekend. That’s something to look forward to:)
Thanks for praying!


2 thoughts on “5 down, 1 to go!

  1. sande sawyers says:

    hi Jen. I am so glad you are at the end of the road there!! It will be clear sailing from here on out.. well, that isnt totally true but in comparence to what you have been thru these past few months it surely will feel like it!
    The radiation is not bad. you may get what looks and feels like a sun burn but that is it.. oh.. a bit tired as well.
    When getting you prepped for the radiation you will get a few tattoo’s. just little tiny black dots. They are your life time reminder of what we went thru. As if we didnt already have reminders??
    The hair growth will begin. It will be interesting how your hair grows back out. It if will be thin, thick, red, brown, green, curly, straight….. and it changes as it grows out too. I went from having stringy brown hair with a bit of gray to having pure gray hair that was quite curly… then with in about a year, it went totally straight again.. but only changed color again thanks to Loreal. *S*
    I have some scarves that I had used for once or twice but as I said to you before.. the only thing I really dealt with was ball caps. Would you be interested? They are different colors and designs. If anything, they would be good to wear out for a walk or to water your garden, etc.. You are welcome to them if you would like. They will be cooler for you as the warm weather approaches us.
    I am SOOO glad you are doing so well. The Masectomy.. it is more mind bending than body wise. I only had a lumpectomy (which now I wish I had it totally removed) but there was not much pain. It healed as if I had just been cut. Until at the end of my radiation and I got Mastitis (which you will not have a chance to get since you are having them totally removed).
    The prayers will keep on coming in for you. I do not know anyone in the church family that doesnt pray for you, daily. You are one lucky woman. Not only do you have our great and wonderful God there for you, you have your family and friends and your entire church family as well.
    God is certainly with you.
    Let me know about them scarves. I can bring them in to church next Sunday for you.
    Good luck with your garden.
    With Gods Love
    Sande Sawyers

  2. Kristen M. says:

    Jen you are so brave! I’m glad that you are almost done with chemo! You WILL feel better, you WILL feel strong again! Radiation is going well, I can’t say enough wonderful things about the staff at the cancer center. My hair is fuzzier than it was when you saw it last time. It’s really coming in. I’m not tired at all. Actually I am just as energetic as I was before. I’ve been working about 3 times a week and I find that keeping busy keeps me happy. Thinking positive is huge, so if you think you will be tired, you probably will be. It does take some planning to make sure the kids are watched after school, but we have plenty of support here as I know you have.

    It was nice to meet Jeremy. Hope to meet with you soon! Let’s try for next week. I’ll continue to pray that you feel better and better!

    Keep thinking those positive thoughts!

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