Today we went over to Lake Michigan with the kids. They have a wonderful wooden playground where we ate a picnic lunch and then drove down to Vanburen State Park to play on the dunes. My brother-in-law (who is 9) dared to get in up to his waist in the frigid lake water….but mostly we played in the warm sand and looked for sea glass. It was a really nice day and only a tad bit of nausea left. This session was by far my easiest….I don’t know if it was the lower amount of drugs or your prayers:) But I’m thankful it is pretty much over.
Jeremy and my father-in-law stayed back and are putting in a fence around our house. This will help alot with my sanity and having a 16 month old boy.
I just want to thank everyone again for the many cards, words of encouragement, those that have donated money to have my house cleaned, taking care of our lawn this summer, the meals that you bring, taking my kids for a while, taking my kids to and from school, and for prayer. I could name you all by name but that would be a super long post….so many people have helped us:) You have certainly blessed us.


7 thoughts on “Thank-you

  1. Sarah S. says:

    It sounded like a really happy day! I am glad you are feeling good today. 🙂

  2. Imstell says:

    Jenn – I can’t believe you’re almost done. That’s so awesome! Glad today was such a good day!

  3. Rev. Sue Wynn says:

    Dear Jen,

    Jeff and I continue to intercede for you, and we love you. I was looking through your blog entries, and clicked on one of your links to a website for alternative medicine . . . there’s a lot of strange stuff on there. We are praying for you to have discernment on this, because we believe it opens the door to a spiritual realm that is not of God. Please know that I speak this to you in love. Blessings, grace and peace!

  4. Hi Jen- Thanks for your update. Your picture is beautiful. You look so happy. It brought tears to my eyes. Still thinking and praying for you so often.
    Much love-

  5. Beth Voigt says:

    This post made me think about our camping adventure at the dunes/Lake Michigan so long ago. What fun! I’m praying for you, dear friend!

    Love you-
    Beth V.

  6. shelli kratzer says:

    praying . . . praying . . . praying . . . and CELEBRATING! I’m thankful for you, for your good weekend, that there is only one more round of chemo left, and that Jesus cares for all of your needs out of His bountiful love for you and His incredible power which IS at work in you and in the world!

  7. Amy says:

    I’m looking forward to letting Ollie scoot around in your newly fenced back yard! And, we want to go over to the lake, too! We’ll be up on approximately the 14th… planning to drive at this point, which the boys are complaining about. 🙂

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