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Relay For Life


After walking for 2 miles around the track, and the bags were completely set up, we finally found my bag:) I am so touched that people who have lost loved ones or been affected by cancer would care enough to walk (raise money) for me and my cure (as well as 1 in 3 Americans who will be diagnosed with cancer). They could move on with their lives and try not to think about cancer again. I’m learning that once you’ve been effected by cancer you never want it to happen to someone else. I’m so glad I got to share this night with Charis.


A Promise

A promise

Charis and I drove down to Schoolcraft tonight to the Relay for Life. Angie (from my church) had bought a bag for the girls to decorate for me. It raises money for cancer research and you can do one “in honor of” or “in memory of.” Before we got there a quick storm went through and a beautiful full rainbow came out. We had to stop for a picture. Charis said “Mom, it’s like God is telling everyone with cancer to feel better.” Oh Charis….you are so wise for 7. That rainbow made my night. A reminder of God’s promises to us.

Chemo Finished!

I had my last chemo on Monday. I’m so relieved to have it done with, but woke this morning feeling pretty bad. My mom is here and I’ll probably spend most of the day in bed.
If you think about it, would you pray for me tomorrow (Thursday) at 9:30 am? I will be having an MRI of my breasts and and hopeful this chemo has gotten a good bit of the cancer.
Just a few more days and it will be better….

Big Week

This is a big week for me. I would love extra prayers. Tomorrow I have my last chemo. I’m almost certain I will have it since I went to have my blood drawn on Friday to check and they were at 86,000. They seem to be going up by 5,000 a day so I should be close enogh to the target to get the full chemo. I’m so ready!
Then on Thursday I have an MRI of my breasts to see how effective the chemo has been. By all outward appearances it has done its job. So I am prayerful and hopeful that most of the tumors are smaller. I keep praying they are gone… direct right:) But I will be happy to know they are greatly reduced as well. You can pray for a miracle with me! I may not know the results right away but I will surely let you know as soon as I do!
Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you for praying with me.


Well…I have to put off graduation one more week. My platelets went from 24,000 to 66,000. But 66,000 is not high enough for chemo. I need to be closer to 100,000. I had a good cry and a foot massage while they called my doctor to confirm “no chemo.” They finally got ahold of her and we went home.
It’s a beautiful day and my sister is here visiting so were planning to take the kids to the zoo tomorrow. I guess I’ll look forward to one more week of no nausea.

Try, Try Again

Fingers crossed. Say a prayer. I go again tomorrow….let’s hope I graduate:)


This week we finally had some rain. It had been cold and dry the whole spring. Clouds would come and go…..but no rain. Finally last Friday the rains came. Not the refreshing long quenching type…..but the turbulent, twisting, blowing type that sends you to the basement and strikes fear in everybody. I watched at our front window as it blew in and when the rain came so fast and ferociously I grabbed the kids and ran to the basement. This always freaks the kids out. Meleah really has no concept of what a tornado is. We try to tell her it’s a really big wind and that we’re safe in the basement. But she talks about it like it must be some giant person coming to get us. So we got rain, and we got a little too much too fast.
I’m feeling a bit like rain is coming at me a little too fast too quick right now. The storms hit and they aren’t letting up. I’m not alone in this storm though…..very rarely are we victims of storms completely to ourselves. A few days ago I wrote that my Aunt Janet was suffering from cancer but they had hopes that chemo and radiation would heal her…..until they found yesterday that it was ravaging through her body and that radiation now will only help with the pain. Hospice is coming. She is in her last days and my heart goes out to my Uncle and my cousins as they watch their wife and mom deteriorate. The storm has hit hard and quick.
Then my mother-in-law is up in New York with her niece Aaron who is in her last days of life. Cancer has ravaged through her young (28 only) body and has never let go. She isn’t able to breath without assistance and each breath is difficult and scares her. Her 4 year old son is watching his mama die.
And a dear friend here in Kalamazoo, Martha, is struggling with breast cancer that has also gone to her lungs. Every week she has her lungs drained of the fluids that build up in them from the cancer. They decided to cease all treatment. The chemo wasn’t working. Today she’s having a private ceremony at our church so she can see her 1st grandbaby dedicated. She desperately wants more time with that baby.
So the storms have come. And we experience the sin and fallen nature of this world in a whole new way. The storms are coming, they are destructive and they aren’t letting up anytime soon.
Isaiah 25:8-9 says this: “They’ll see that You take care of the poor, that You take care of poor people in trouble, provide a warm, dry place in bad weather, provide a cool place when it’s hot. Brutal oppressors are like a winter blizzard and vicious foreigners like high noon in the desert. But You shelter from the storm and shade from the sun, shut mouths of the big-mouthed bullies.”
So these storms strike fear in us. Like children facing a bully. Like Meleah’s thoughts of a tornado. Panic. Fear. Crazy sadness. The kind that hits so deep we think we can’t breath. Indescribable at times. But God’s promised that he will be there amidst the storm. A warm dry place amidst the blowing wind. Cool shade when the heat is unforgiving. He is a parent gently holding a child who doesn’t fully understand what is happening.
He has calmed the storm, walked on water, overcome the grave for you. My prayer is that you will cling to Jesus as you weather these storms. You are not alone.

Not Surprised

Nope. Not Surprised. My platelets were too low. Quite low in fact. So they are putting it off till next Monday. Ugh. A whole week.
I’m going to think positively… more week not being sick and enjoying food. Oh but I am so ready to be done.

On another note…..some of you that are following my blog are friends from Greenville College. You also might remember my Aunt was an RD….Jan Starr. Anyway….she has been struggling recently with a lymph type cancer in her groin area. She started low dose chemo today and radiation. She is struggling physically but they are hopeful. Please pray for her that the cancer responds to treatment and she will regain her physical strength. If you want to pass on any well wishes you can email me and I will forward it on to them.