No news….

No news is good news right! I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet. We were busy with a birthday party last weekend and are recovering from that. I had a neupogen shot on monday….which in my opinion is just like the neulesta shot… makes your bones hurt because it gets your white blood sells going in the bone marrow. Anyway….I was achy for a few days. I have another one on Friday. I also meet with my oncologist on Friday and I would imagine a date will be set for my surgery. Then Monday I’m back to the infusion room for my last round of chemo! “Oh please Lord…..let it be Monday:)”


2 thoughts on “No news….

  1. sprucehillfarm says:

    I hope It will be Monday! Good luck. Yay the last one:)

  2. Hi Jen, It is so great to see you and yet so difficult to find that you are struggling with breast cancer! I will put you on my prayer list along w/ my mom who has reoccuring stage 4 metastatic BC and was diagnosed around Thanksgiving. I am glad that you are eating your kale and juicing. I’m definitely a believer in that stuff and am also considering going raw just because I have seen how it has improved my mom’s numbers. She isn’t on chemo b/c it has spread to the bone but takes estrogen blocking medication that is helping so much. Nothing works better than relying on Christ, memorizing and speaking his Word and believing in Healing Power. I wish I wasn’t just jumping into your life after 8 years and that I knew more about what you’ve been up to. Please email or write through Jeremy’s facebook! Love ya! Press On-oh, did you know Tom is on Facebook?

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