The Next Step

I went to see my oncologist today. I’m very happy because she’s ordered an MRI of my breasts for a couple weeks after my last chemo to see what the tumors are doing….and see if the chemo has worked as well as we think it has. My breasts certainly look much better… I’m looking forward to getting a closer look. After that we’ll schedule the surgery which won’t happen now till later in July (we go to family camp at Somerset Beach Camp in mid-July every year and she’s all about us going:). She also said we would decide on what type of mastectomy I would need based on the MRI’s. This is a bit different than the original plan which was to go with the initial readings and a complete double radical mastectomy. I always wondered why they weren’t going to SEE what chemo did with scans… I’m thankful my new doctor wants the MRI to happen too.
She also didn’t make me get another neupogen shot today… I get to enjoy this weekend. Jeremy and I are going on a date tomorrow. We actually planned ahead and got a babysitter:)
Here’s an article about a cyber friend with IBC. This article was in Health magazine which is great exposure to this disease…..hopefully it will help another young woman with early detection!


One thought on “The Next Step

  1. Wendy Lorenz says:

    I am so excited that you will be at Family Camp. Glenn, the kids, and I will all be there also. We are really looking forward to Family Camp in MI and I am looking forward to seeing you.

    Love, Wendy

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