Not Surprised

Nope. Not Surprised. My platelets were too low. Quite low in fact. So they are putting it off till next Monday. Ugh. A whole week.
I’m going to think positively… more week not being sick and enjoying food. Oh but I am so ready to be done.

On another note…..some of you that are following my blog are friends from Greenville College. You also might remember my Aunt was an RD….Jan Starr. Anyway….she has been struggling recently with a lymph type cancer in her groin area. She started low dose chemo today and radiation. She is struggling physically but they are hopeful. Please pray for her that the cancer responds to treatment and she will regain her physical strength. If you want to pass on any well wishes you can email me and I will forward it on to them.


2 thoughts on “Not Surprised

  1. Laurie Starr says:

    Thanks Jen, you’re so sweet to add my mom to your blog. She didn’t get chemo yesterday after all–just more fluids/glucose to help her recover from the severe dehydration she had over the weekend. We will see the radiological oncologist today. She is very weak and needs much assistance. Please pray for my dad, Larry; he is being SO GOOD to her. It warms my heart to see my parents so committed to each other.

    We’re praying for you too and hope your platelets are up by next week.


  2. shelli kratzer says:

    i am sorry to hear about your aunt and will be praying for her as i remember you and your family to Jesus.

    i love you, and i am so very excited that monday is coming! 🙂

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