Well…I have to put off graduation one more week. My platelets went from 24,000 to 66,000. But 66,000 is not high enough for chemo. I need to be closer to 100,000. I had a good cry and a foot massage while they called my doctor to confirm “no chemo.” They finally got ahold of her and we went home.
It’s a beautiful day and my sister is here visiting so were planning to take the kids to the zoo tomorrow. I guess I’ll look forward to one more week of no nausea.


2 thoughts on “66,000

  1. shelli kratzer says:

    i’m sorry friend! 😦 that’s a bummer. i do, however, believe in God’s timing and trust His heart for you. hope you had fun at the zoo!

  2. Deb Kloosterman says:

    …We’re here checking in Jen! You are in our thoughts and prayers so much…we’re rooting for you as you round the bend with the end of Chemo…..((((((HUGS)))))) and lots of LOVE, Deb and Chris

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