Jeremy and I met with my surgeon, Dr. Kalinowski yesterday. It seemed like another affirmation that my healing might be a bit of a miracle. She rounded up my first MRI and my latest one and we needed some clarification so she called Dr. Jacobs the radiologist. At first we thought it might be a typo….but no. It was right. In my left breast I had a softball size tumor. Now it says there is a benighn cyst in my left breast and it gives a small measurement. Well….that cyst was there before and now its smaller. It’s very normal and nothing to be concerned about. Lots of women have benign cysts. But the tumor….the actual tumore that was there in February is gone. Totally gone.
So when I mentioned a lumpectomy on the left side from what Dr. Liepman had said as a possibility….I looked for any signs of hesitancy or doubt. But there wasn’t any. She thinks we can save my left breast! Yay! I am actually really happy about this and feel very comfortable with it. They will take a big chunk of fatty tissue from that side and all my lower lymph nodes. They will make sure there is no cancer cells there….and I suppose if there are we may need to rethink the lumpectomy, but as of now that is the plan. The right breast will be taken completely because it was so diseased at one point there is no way we can keep it. But even that side nowit looks clear and feels normal. IBC starts in the lymph nodes and since my lymph nodes will be removed I won’t worry about it returning as much.
My surgery is scheduled for July 30th. I’m hoping to plan a little bye-bye boob or Ta-ta to my Ta-ta’s party before then. Just a reason to get together with friends, celebrate womanhood and give me courage. I’ll keep you posted for those that live around kzoo:)
We leave on Saturday for Family Camp. I’m so looking forward to this vacation.


5 thoughts on “Surgery

  1. Christa H. says:

    What wonderful news! What a testimony to these drs. that you have been healed!
    Have a great time at family camp, your family deserves it. Make sure you put your feet up and relax! We’ll see you when you get back!

  2. Beth Voigt says:

    Praise God! What an answer to prayer! Enjoy your family and the time away at a place I know you love.

  3. Kami Rice says:

    Hi, Jen! Unfortantely, it’s been way too long since I made it to your blog for an update. I’m so glad I visited today and read your good, good news! How exciting! There are actually a number of friends and relatives of friends of mine who are battling cancer right now. There’ve been so many people to pray for. It’s so exciting to see God answer these prayers for healing for you! I can fully appreciate your fear, too, and will pray about that specifically. If I were in your shoes, that would be one of the hard parts. Thanks for bringing us all with you on this journey of God’s work.

  4. shelli kratzer says:

    that’s so wonderful friend. i am sorry that your journey has taken you into the valley, but walking with you has increased my faith. it’s a small benefit for such a tremendous sacrifice, i know. but i do want you to know that you have blessed me with your faith, and God has met me in your victory!

    ian is heading to your family camp this weekend too. how fun to think that you will be there together. he is going with a friend whose family is originally from davison but now works on staff here at oakdale.

    a side note — are you done with the core k sonlight stuff i sent you? if so, would you have room to take it to family camp? dave will pick ian up the last weekend of camp, and he could get it from you. if you’re still using it or don;t have room — no big deal.

    have a wonderful week.

    i love you!

    p.s. i am leaving saturday to go be with my sister for a week and a few days — she’s expecting the twins to arrive sometime in the next week — yippee!

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