I’ve been traveling about cyberspace a lot since my diagnosis.  Toddler planet introduced me to the world of blogging and sharing my journey….and well….I’m getting addicted.  I can’t tell you why it’s so therapeutic to write but for some reason it just is.  There have been times over the past five months that I haven’t had the energy to return phone calls or go out with friends, but I can sit down and write and I know you’re listening.  And that’s enough.  I know you care.  Even when you don’t post I can see the numbers rising and I know my friends are checking in and praying.  That’s a really good feeling.  So I keep writing.  Three kids keep me from doing it every day, but I will write and keep telling you my story.  Right now my prayer is that I will make it another year without having to tell you there is a recurrence or mets (metastasized cancer) anywhere.  As of now I am clear and the biopsies done at surgery will certainly tell us more.  Like if there are any positive lymph nodes left.  I am praying that it reveals nothing but dead tumor and clear lymph nodes.

My friend Martha went to meet Jesus yesterday morning.  She had battled breast cancer for 10 years.  I sat with her on Friday evening and she was as happy for me (my good MRI results) as one can be in the last moments of life.  What an inspiration she has been to those around her.


3 thoughts on “blogging

  1. Kim Kopec says:

    Hey girl –
    I knew you’d love blogging – Now you have to get on Facebook!
    Thanks so much for taking the time to post all the updates. I’m very sorry to hear about your friend.
    Take care,

  2. Amy says:

    Hey, I was surprised to see that you’re blogging… you’re at camp, right?!? But then again, you did get that new laptop. So, is there wireless at SBC?!

    I will be out of town right before your surgery for that Litovsky study on Oliver in Madison, WI, until Tuesday the 29th… so I’m thinking maybe I can come up the weekend after the surgery, possibly. Not sure. Or maybe I can wait until the weekend after that and also go to Aunt Janette’s memorial service… though that would be a lot of driving and flying in one weekend! Ugh! I know you will have lots of help there during surgery and after but still, I wish I could be up there.

    Since you aren’t supposed to do lifting, can you drive? Because maybe a few weeks after the surgery you can come check out my new back patio, and lay around on the new furniture. 🙂 Flying might be a better idea, come to think of it.

    Hope you’re all having fun in the sun. We had a great vacation in St Augustine. We were just south, at a 3 bedroom condo, one story, which was great with Ollie. We were bottom floor, and could just walk right out to the beach. Korey and Sarah stayed a couple of nights. Kraig and Julie were at another condo with her family. We are actually wondering about buying an old condo or cottage and having Bob fix it up, now that we’ve been down there again. But we’ll see. My friend Jamie bought a cottage on St. Simon’s and they decided to move there permanently! :-O So she’s going to keep her eyes open for us.

  3. sprucehillfarm says:

    I am adddicted to blogging too. It has really been good for my recovery and I have met so many new “friends”.

    I am sorry to hear about your friend. I will pray for her. She is in a much better place and is in not pain 🙂

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