Surgery Day – (As written by Hubby)

Words of wisdom, have I not, but I can offer updates on my bride throughout the day.  We went to Lake Michigan yesterday after my boss & co-workers kicked me out of the office at about 12:30.  (I was hoping my stress wasn’t that evident, but maybe it was.)  We went to the library, picked up Charis and headed to South Haven for an evening of relaxation, aka “Getting our minds off of things”.  What a beautiful day to swim, play, have a picnic, and just enjoy God’s creation and family.  It is amazing how, as I looked at Jen throughout the afternoon and evening, I realized how much I adore her and how much more beautiful she is becoming.  I think back to the evening when I asked Jen to marry me.  We went to Crane Creek Park off of Lake Erie about 10 years ago.  I had, through trial and error (3 other roses), found a way to hide her ring inside a closed rose blossom.  I gave her the rose when she landed in Toledo from her trip to the west coast.  She was happily swinging the rose around as she talked, oblivious to, what I hoped was a welcome gift, inside.  We made it to the beach and we ate some pizza and snacked.  I took the rose from her and started peeling away the petals.  I told her that as I looked at the rose, it made me think of her and I.  The rose is physically beautiful now, but time was going to cause it to wither and die.  But what really matters is what the future holds based upon what is inside.  As I got the ring out, I asked her to marry me and the rest is history.  (I don’t know if I won her over for being corny, sweet, or both.)  I didn’t know then how true this was going to be and was really brought to light over the past 6 months.  Jen has demonstrated a strength, a care, a love of life that can only come from God.  She has inspired many, mostly me, through this process, just by witnessing the way she approaches life.  (Joyful, with a concern for things that God is concerned about)  I am a lucky, lucky, lucky, (did I say Lucky), lucky guy to have Jen as my bride.

So back to the updates.

Jen went into surgery about 7:30 this morning.  (Her parents and I were honored to pray for her just before they wheeled her away.)

We got a pager update at about 8:15 that surgery had started with no complications.

Our most recent update at 9:15 said “Patient is doing well.”

I will try to update after she is done again. 

Thank you for your continued prayers.



8 thoughts on “Surgery Day – (As written by Hubby)

  1. Karin says:

    Jeremy – My heart is full as I read your post – your loving words from a man who has truly learned what it means to love. Thank you for standing beside your wife and being faithful and sure. Give her a kiss on behalf of her friends who wish they could be there too – when she wakes up later. Praying. . . .praying. . . praying. -Karin

  2. Tina says:

    Jeremy – My heart jumped with elation as I read your words of love for Jen. Colleen sent me your bolg sight and now I will spend sometime getting up to date. Your all in my prayers.
    Love, Tina

  3. Your wife will be in my prayers today. Though we have never met, we have both been touched by IBC. I am glad she is having the double. And I agree that chemo is probably needed after radiation. It is, or at least was, pretty standard, as is a massectomy. I will be watching the updates. Let her know that many people are thinking of her, including those she has never met. I know she will feel our prayers.

  4. Rachel Lenda says:

    Praying for you both today and in the days to come. Amy God give you peace and strength as Jen recovers.
    Rachel in PA
    PS I am a friend of Karin.

  5. Melanie says:

    What a beautiful love story. =D I’m so glad your employer kicked you out of the office yesterday. It sounds like you & Jennifer had a nice, relaxing day with each other. My family & I are continuing to pray for Jennifer, you & your family. Thanks for the updates.

  6. Emily (Bronleewe) Pardy says:

    You are both an inspiration! Praying hard!
    (Karin’s SIL)

  7. Deb Kloosterman says:

    …ooops, not sure how that happened…but I typed a response to this thread and it ended up in the “Double…” page! Sorry for the confusion! Love, Deb

  8. Pam (fellow IBC Warrior) says:

    One more milestone complete!

    Post Surgery Tip #1 — I don’t recommend typing on a keyboard for about the same amount of time as your driving restrictions last. Trust me on this one. It is amazing how many chest muscles are used to type.

    Pam in Kzoo (formerly MN)

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