Pray For Mitch

I’m pretty confident that your prayers saved me.  I have constantly felt bathed in prayer through this whole process.  You all prayed and God heard.  So I’m going to ask you to pray for a young man battling leukemia.  I don’t know a whole lot about him but I heard his situation just yesterday.  I looked for a blog site but I couldn’t find one.  I did find some youtube videos of his story and a blog entry from his dad.  His name is Mitch Thomas and he is the son of one of our Free Methodist Bishops, Matt Thomas.  He is only 28.   Please pray for a miracle with me.


5 thoughts on “Pray For Mitch

  1. Amy says:

    Jen, I believe this may be his youtube video:

  2. Sarah S. says:

    I will keep him in my prayers!

  3. Amy says:

    I keep trying to post the blog but maybe it is being rejected, so I’ll try it in word: mitchthomasjourney dot blogspot dot com. Maybe that will work!

  4. Deb Kloosterman says:

    Of Course!…………

  5. Hi – Thanks for your notes linking to Mitch’s blog. We are so blessed by the prayers supporting and encouraging us through this journey. We will pray for you, too.

    Marlene (mom to Mitch)

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