Drains Out

I went in today to have the drains taken out.  We forgot the sheet that keeps track of how much fluid was comng out.  We tried to get ahold of my MIL at home with the kids.  No one answered.  We tried the neighbor.  Shoot….all that work measuring bodily fluids for nothing.  Thankfully she trusts I am not oozing an obscene amount and takes them out.  She is not a “ta-da…here they are” doctor.  I have to remember she is not a psychiatrist but a surgeon.  I still want to chat about how it looks.  I want reassurance it looks ok.  I’m going to ask Jeremy.  I know what he’ll say….he always says I look great.  I tell her I look thinner without breasts.  She agrees.  We’re trying to find positives.  I say “I bet I weigh less now too.”  She laughs.

Once again she busily works on my dressing, pulling and proding.  I felt the drains coming out but it didn’t hurt.  Just felt weird.  As we leave I tell her she did a good job.  Like I’m rating her performance.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this mastectomy a 9.5.  Clean lines, pulled tight, flat as a board.  I feel silly after I say it.  She nods and smiles.  I have to say I’m going to miss Dr. Kalinowski when this is all over.  She is this beautiful red-head with all the tenacity to be a surgeon.  She was an operating room nurse and went back to med school to be a surgeon.  When I meet with her I want to be strong because I think about how strong she has to be to do what she does.  I want to hang out with her.  I want to get to know her on a personal level.  I wish we were friends and had met on different terms.  I wish my daughters knew her.  A nurse over at the cancer center just raves about Dr. K.  She used to work for her.  So I’m thinking she is quite a mentor to other young women.  Pretty cool.  But she is the doctor, and I am the patient, and truthfully I hope if we do run into each other after this is all over it is on totally different terms.  I hope.


6 thoughts on “Drains Out

  1. Karin says:

    One more step on the road to healing – taken! I hope you feel more comfortable now. Love you! -Karin

  2. Sarah S. says:

    I am glad they came out. You will start to feel better now. It does feel weird doesn’t it. But it doesnot hurt 🙂 Keep resting!

  3. shelli kratzer says:

    thanksgiving that things are going well — lots of love — there is so much “biggness” in your life right now. my emotions are always very close and my heart very tender, when i think of you.

    miss you…praying for you.

  4. Kristen M. says:

    I remember going back to my plastic surgeon shortly after my mastectomy looking for him to tell me that I looked great and that he was confident that he could fix me. I didn’t get the warm fuzzy from him either. I guess that’s the way surgeons are.

    I enjoy your humor so much!


  5. You can get threw this. They come out easy. God Bless 🙂

  6. Glad to hear that the tubes are out. My wife had the same operation. Her and I are both cancer survivors. She was diagnosed with breast cancer just as my first stem cell transplant for my cancer was beginning. It was a very difficult time for us. But we made it threw all of our treatments and are both cancer free today.
    We both had the same Dr. and also felt very much like you described. I wanted to know him better. Be his friend. I look up to him. We both do. A LOT of people count on him everyday. What a great gift to give to the world.
    I have had 3 different Doctors at 3 different hospitals and they are all wonderful.
    I totally relate to what you said about seeing them again on different terms. But, as time goes on, our live continue to change and we tend to move onward.
    Of course we still see my dctor on a regular basis. Just not nearly as often. 🙂
    Hang in there!! It sounds like your husband is good support for you. Try to keep having faith no matter what. Positive attitude is key to survival.
    I have just started a blog of my own. Actually just last night. Not done with setting it all up yet be please feel free to visit me at beatcancer.wordpress.com
    Get lots of rest and try to make sure that you eat good. sorry for such a long post…..
    Take care, Tidwell

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