Checking In….

I’ve tried to stay upbeat through this situation but to be honest the past few days have been tough.  My whole upper body hurts alot.  I jokingly told Jeremy that I think the docotr stood on my arms to pull the stitches tight.  I’m sure she didn’t but my arms do hurt.  The insides of my arms feel bruised, even my belly feels bruised, besides my ribs and of coarse my chest area.  And my chest feels like its been pulled tighter than a drum.  I call it a boob tuck.  I called about physical therapy but they told me to give it a few weeks.  Oh yeah….I guess it has only been a week.  I’m just anxious.  Anxious to hold my kids, anxious to be free to have a good stretch.  Last night I tried to hold Elijah to put him to sleep so I sat down on the couch and Jeremy went to lay him in my lap.  Eli was so excited he went to give me a hug and elbowed me in my scar.  Ouch!  We decided to arrange some pillows between us.  We had a wonderful time cuddling.  I will miss the built in pillow we women have, but we’re all anxious for life to get back to normal around here.

Thanks to all the survivors who keep telling me it does get better.  For Mary Cryderman who looks so fit and great and did some awsome arm circles for me while I was recouping the day after surgery.  Those small things keep me focused on the goal, not these hard days.  And Kristen who has told me the numbness does go away and did a body check (6 months out from a mastectomy) yesterday to get back with me to make sure.  She’s a bit ahead of me in this process and I so appreciate her sharing with me.  Feeling normal sounds so good!

I’m actually headed to a Willow Creek Leadership Conference tomorrow at a local church here.  I’m looking forward to it since I haven’t been to a ministry conference in a while.  I should be good since I will be sitting most of the day….hopefully they won’t have us doing anything crazy like hugging!


3 thoughts on “Checking In….

  1. Lisa Upham says:

    So jealous you are going to the leadership conference! I attend Willow Creek and have wanted to check it out for the last few years. You are going to have to report back about it!
    Hang in there, you are going to start feeling a lot better soon. And know- you are a huge inspiration to a lot of us.
    : )

  2. bcjenster says:

    Is this the Gifted to Lead conference? Two women from my church – one a pastor and one a leader – attended this in Chicago yesterday and said it was (in true Willow Creek fashion) amazing.

    Personally, I find it amazing that you’re up to going to your conference. Goodonya! Just don’t try to do too much too soon. M’kay?

  3. shelli kratzer says:

    i find myself wishing that i had even the smallest bit of life experience that would offer the slightest bit of comfort — but, alas, i have nothing except my great love for you and my faithfulness to pray for you. i love you sister. i am proud — beyond words — both of your brokenness and of your strength — “cry to Jesus.”

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