Dr. Al

After seeing the comments made on my natural families yahoo group I want to make a specific post for comments to Dr. Al.    So you can skip this if you don’t know him….lol. 

Dr. Al…..we love you and wish you the best…..

Leave him your well wishes here.


6 thoughts on “Dr. Al

  1. Sally Duncan says:

    Oh, Dr. A, we are going to miss you! I understand wanting to take a break for yourself but I am so sad! I am so grateful to have founda Dr. like you and just want to say thank you for your great care concerning my baby Sydney and her thyroid issues. That was a very scary time at first, and I was so impressed with your care of her, and the recommendation to KCMS for specialized care…..Your holistic treatment with my husbands stress/immunity has just been amazing. We are really going to miss you!

  2. Pedro & Angela Garcia says:

    Dr. Alfaraz
    You have been a huge blessing to our family and we will miss seeing you when we need to go to the Dr. Fortunatly that was not very often. We do hope that you take the break that you need to care for yourself as, you have cared for all of us. If we can be of any suport for you durring this time or any time please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers!

  3. Dear Dr. Alfaraz,

    Do you remember when I came in to meet you for the first time? I had all of these questions that I was “supposed” to ask and at the end the most important question popped out… What do you do to take care of yourself? You seemed pleasantly surprised by this and I’m hoping that you are now doing all that is needed to take care of the wonder, compassion, and joy that is all you. You have touched our lives, supported our beings, and offered both Roger and I a different perspective on what we can and will continue to ask from our next healthcare providers. May you walk lightly upon the earth with peace and presence.

  4. I just have to say that my midwife suggested I give Dr Alfaraz a try. I am just sorry I didn’t do that sooner. Now I guess I will have to wait to see what the future holds. Funny how small the world is.

  5. Christy Beaudrie says:

    Dr. Alfaraz –
    I will miss you. I am very sad you are not going to be my doctor anymore. Will you stay away forever? Thank you for taking good care of me.

    Dr. Alfaraz –
    Thank you for all of your help with the kids, especially Michael. He came a long way under your care, and we very sincerely appreciate all you did. We have been really focused on getting his system back in balance again, and it looks like he will be in great shape by the time school starts! Although we will miss you, we are really glad you are taking a much deserved rest! Best of luck to you!

  6. Shana Wartner says:

    Dr. Alfaraz,

    Sending you peace and light for your journey. You treated more than my physical being. I want you to know our discussions regarding stress and spirituality inspire me to continue searching for deeper meaning and a calmer spirit. And your kind and respectful treatment of Sydney was so refreshing and appreciated.

    Of course, if you ever return, we would love to have you as our doctor again. You will be greatly missed.

    Shana Wartner – mother of Sydney, age 4 and wife to Bart

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