Clergygirl Cancer Counsel #1

I’m realizing this site is evolving and I have received many email from people recently diagnosed.  So I’m going to start a thread of advice I’ve learned along the way.

Cancer counsel #1 is to get a second opinion.  Not necessarily to determine if you have cancer, because biopsies are generally pretty reliable.  I’m talking about treatment here.  There are a lot of variations in treatment and it’s good to know your doctor and other doctors are in agreement.  When I first talked to my oncologist I was relieved when she told me that second opinions were standard for her line of work.  We went over to U of M to meet with a doctor there and I go meet with her periodically to get her opinions.  Throughout my treatment both cancer centers have been very willing to work together.  My doctors will talk on the phone and send test results back and forth.

Kris Carr from Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips sites a study that people who travel the farthest for treatment are more likely to recover.  So get in your car and go meet people who know about your cancer.  Get on the internet and find where they are and go to them!  If you’re too dazed by this diagnosis to drive, get your family or a friend to take you.  In my experience the cancer centers will make every effort to get you appointments quickly.

If you find a doctor who isn’t willing to work with others you may want to look around.  Not that they don’t have different opinions….that’s OK.  But all my doctors wanted me better and their egos didn’t get in the way.  They were open to discussion.  That’s the right doctor!


One thought on “Clergygirl Cancer Counsel #1

  1. Amy says:

    I have to say that Jen followed her own advice! 🙂 We went to U of M with her and they SHUT DOWN the entire highway due to a blizzard and ice… so we went around! Yes, we continued! And we made it to Ann Arbor in our dad’s truck! Nothing like perseverance! I’m sure those appts are a blur to her, looking back, but they took place, nonetheless. They were awesome over there, and it was so reassuring to be there and know we were in the hands of experts.

    SO, don’t let snow, sleet, hail, rain or any disinterested docs stand in your way! Go!

    Jen, do you remember throwing cabbage leaves out the window?!? Somehow that is the thing I remember as so wild… that the cabbage leaves for engorgement were stinking up the car so you decided that it might be fine to chuck them out the window… where they probably froze instantly and landed on some trucker’s windshield. LOL! HEEHEE! (For those who don’t know, cabbage leaves are a medically recommended treatment for engorgement, which Jen endured when she had to wean abruptly due to medical testing and the upcoming chemo, etc.)

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