Too Much Info

Now that I have my “fakes” and I see friends I don’t know what to say.  I feel like I need to tell them they’re not real.  People who know I was going to be having surgery look at my breasts confusingly.  Or maybe I think they do.  So I tell them they aren’t real.   I struggle with the whole “too much info.”

When I didn’t have my “fakes” yet and I would be out I would feel like I needed to tell people I just had surgery because I am so flat.  I feel like I’m so flat it must be scarry….lol!  Like I look grossly disfigured.  I’m not…..but it feels that was since I’m used to having size C breasts haning in front of me. 

I hope I won’t need to justify my breasts the rest of my life.  Hopefully when I have reconstruction and someone I haven’t seen for a while comes up to me I won’t have to say…..”they aren’t real…..but their mine!”


3 thoughts on “Too Much Info

  1. Amanda says:

    Hon, you DO NOT look grossly deformed. I say let people look at you funny. Then only tell them what is up if they ask. Or just wear a “breast cancer survivor” pin or ribbon or whatever. That will explain enough I think.

    Thinking of you,

  2. Amy says:

    I never thought about the issue of wondering if people know about the surgery taking place… if you’re wearing a prosthesis. O boy! Not fun to wonder! I would definitely be thinking about that kind of thing if it were me! But Amanda’s right… you will look fine either way and if they ask, fine, fill them in, but if not just go on about life. Unless you really want to discuss it, you don’t have to!

  3. I was looking through your IBC links. Can I make a suggestion? They also have an advocacy group.

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