1 Down, 5 To Go

1 week down, 5 more to go.  I like to count in weeks since it sounds better than saying 28 days.  I’m enjoying having a few days off from radiation.  I can’t say I’m all that fond of my new treatment.  The cancer center has had some computer issues and I’ve done a lot of waiting.  I’ve also had this unheard of symptom all week long of nausea.  Wierd.  Especially since all the radiation tech’s tell me they don’t radiate near my stomach.  That seems odd to me because if they say they can nick my lungs couldn’t they also be nicking my stomach with those lovely beams?  Anyway…..I finally asked to see the doc about it on Friday and she said yes….that might be a possibility.  My theory is that IBC patients have a much wider range to radiate and it’s somehow hitting my stomach.   Anyway….we agreed to try some anti-anxiety meds and see if it helped.  I will admit I am offly anxious about this whole “burn my skin treatment.  If only it was irrigating therapy rather than radiating therapy.  I would much rather be hosed down than burned with lasers…..sigh.

I am still nauseated today.  but heh….at least I’m relaxed.

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One thought on “1 Down, 5 To Go

  1. Denise in Ontario says:

    Hi Jen,

    I also had nausea. I finished my rads on Aug 29. I had five weeks of treatment and the nausea started half-way through. I asked the rad techs and they said “no, its not a symptom”, so then I worried that I might have a new cancer, but the nausea passed. My skin was fine. I am also fair skinned and believed that I would burn to a crisp. It really started to get red in parts this last week – I am now two weeks since my last treatment. I just keep on putting the cream on that they suggested – at least three times a day and it seems to be helping – and polysporin.

    I hope your burn isn’t too bad and I also had no tiredness that most people usually have. I was radio “active” as I would say to friends and family. I had to take a sleeping pill all the way through and didn’t need a nap during the day.

    I had my MRM June 11th so I have been following your story. My tumour was 7.5cm with lymph node involvement. They found no cancer at the time of my surgery, but I still had to have radiation.

    I can’t wait until I don’t have to apply that damn cream all the time but apart from that I have no complaints.

    All the best to you and remember, the radiation isn’t all that bad – chemo is hell compared to radiation. I found the radiation to be tough emotionally because you are constantly reminded that you have cancer – every day that you go – but you’ll get through it just fine.

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