Juggling Life With Radiation

So far my only side effect from radiation is nausea.  Not as much as last week but its still there. 

This radiation schedule is kicking my butt though!  I can’t keep up!  I have to go in every day.  Then I go to physical therapy twice a week and last week I had to go get a dose of Herceptin.  Then I have to shuttle Meleah to preschool now and get Charis to and from school.  I knew it would catch up to me and last Friday it did. 

I had a great physical therapy session and for some reason I thought it was 3 pm when really it was 4 pm.  You can guess what happened.  I had missed the girls pick-up at 3:30 and 3:40!  Both my girls were waiting for me!  Not only that but I had invited Charis’ friend over for the evening!  I called Charis’ school and someone had taken her and her friend home.  And then I raced to pick Meleah up.  I was sobbing when I got there and thankfully the school is very understanding.  I was 45 minutes late!

I am happy to say Meleah is no worse for wear and still wanted to go back to preschool.  She adores her teacher!

I had such a great therapy session too….when I left I could lift my arms fully over my head without my ribs hurting.

Oh well….such is life and thank God it was Friday:)

2 thoughts on “Juggling Life With Radiation

  1. Karin says:

    I can so relate to messing up schedules and feeling like a terrible mom. I have forgotten birthdays that the kids were supposed to attend, etc. But I have no good excuse like battling cancer! 🙂 Good news about the gain in mobility. Love you, my friend! -KB

  2. Jenn Nickel says:

    Hey there!! (This is Krista P.’s friend from CMU-who was diagnosed with breast cancer when my son was 3 weeks old) I thought I would check in on you– and just read your latest radiation-NRG-trying to maintain it all-fiasco. I am so sorry. I totally understand….and wish you didn’t have to deal with any of that. By the time I got to radiation in my treatment…ummm… I don’t know how to phrase it…”totally spent”…is an understatment. I started falling a lot, breaking ribs, etc. in the end, I had to have someone drive ME to my radiation appointments each day-35 minutes away. I felt helpless. The simpliest day to day tasks became too difficult for me to do, I couldn’t concentrate, read a recipe, stand for too long. I remember trying to grocery shop in a Walgreens because a “real” grocery store was just to big. Bottom line….
    I can not believe you have been able to “keep the schedule” up to this point. I have no idea if it is possible…but I would love to see you get some extra help somehow. Nobody ever needs “guilty mother feelings” but you REALLY don’t need that right now. I wish I lived closer. I know we’ve never met face to face…but the bond of breast cancer is…well… a bond. BTW, Herceptin is SOOO much easier (symptoms wise) on your body-just be sure they monitor your heart…(I had to stop herceptin treatments after awhile. Keep blogging…it is great to hear your heart..the ups and downs.
    God be with you-Jenn Nickel

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