I haven’t been all that great about writing.  Everything is going pretty well so I guess there isn’t much news.  No news is good new as they say….lol.  I’ve been busy,  So busy that I’m not sure if its radiation that is making me tired or just being mom to three kids.  I have invested in large boxes of whole wheat pop tarts for breakfast because I just don’t have very much energy in the mornings.  I try to justify them because they are organic whole wheat, but junk food is junk food regardless of organic.  But I’ve decided that eggs and french toast are for weekends right now and my kids will get by. 

I’ve also been dealing with some eye problems.  My eyes have been bloodshot and iritated for a month or so.  At first I figured it was allergies but then last week I started thinking “Jen….when you put something off and tried to diagnose yourself last time….look what it got you….cancer!”  So then I started to let my mind wander which is never a good thing.  I saw my family doctor who thought it was dry eye and gave me some ideas to try.  Today, when I was in for my dose of herceptin at the cancer center I talked to the nurse, who called my oncologist.  She said to see my optometrist.  Duh.  Sheesh…..why do I only think optomitrists prescribe glasses?  Anyway.  I have a new optomitrist who I like very much so I went back to him and he was incredibly helpful.  Basically the cells in my eyes are turning over due to the chemo and I have really dry patches.  I’m sure I don’t have it exactly right…..but basically it feels better to wear my contacts because when I blink the contacts keep me from scratching the eye ball.  So he loaded me up with new solutions and eye wetness remedies and I’m set for a week or so to see if it gets better.

So between tiredness and having issues being able to see well enough to read and type….I apologize for my lack of blogging.  I will try to do better.

On a very sad note….Mitch Thomas passed away last week.  He had battled lukemia for quite sometime and gave a good fight.  He touched many lives in the process.  Pray for his new wife, parents and family as they grieve and process his passing at such a young age.  You can leave messages at his blog listed to the left.

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One thought on “Ramblings….

  1. OK, that is weird. Maybe it is sympathy pain. But I have had dry eyes and irritation since last spring. The doc prescribed a combo of antibiotic and inflammation relieving drops and he thought it was more likely allergies, which is weird because I don’t usually have them much. But all of the family had a few times of eye infection over the following weeks. And I still sort of have it. I only wear my contacts to run because they bother my eyes after I take them out.

    The other possibility is that I am (gasp) pre-menopausal. Gulp! Hopefully that is not really the reason, as I am not looking forward to decades of dry eyes! I just had killer PMS, so that’s another sign of the change. Which takes awhile, from what I’ve heard…

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