Think Before You Pink

I’ve been quieter than usual.  I’m not sure why.  Radiation is going pretty well.  My skin is fairing well and I am past the half-way point.  I can now see pink outlines where the radiation covers and I feel sunburned.  I continue to lather on the aloe gel and lansinoh.  Yes….I am using something for breastfeeding moms but it works phenomenally well.  It is very greasy but I slather it all over me every couple of nights and I think it is saving my skin.  It is pure lanolin.  I also use vitamin E oil sometimes at night too. 

There are two issues keeping me from writing.  The first is fatigue.  Which I assume is from radiation.  So I have given in and decided sleeping during Elijah’s nap is quite alright for a few weeks here.  The second reason is my eyes.  I’m struggling still with dry eyes and I’m beginning to wonder if I need bifocals?  Hopefully they will heal in time once my cells recover from all that chemo I had.

On another note it’s Breast Cancer awareness month and another mother’s with cancer blogger posted this web site that I thought I would share called Think Before You Pink which challenges companies to accountability for pink ribbon practices.  There are a lot of pink ribbons out there so ask questions about what you’re buying and how the proceeds or products effect breast cancer. 

I also spotted this web site through Ford with some really cool apparel and gifts.  I thought they might make some fun Christmas gifts.  It’s at

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2 thoughts on “Think Before You Pink

  1. I thought you might find this interesting:

    It is a Lifetime movie about the creator of herceptin.

  2. rebecca says:

    Best to you in your radiation treatment! So wonderful that you’re up for posting, and so glad that you included info about Think Before You Pink.

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