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I went to a luncheon at the West Michigan Cancer Center recently and they had a panel of presenters on the topic of complimentary medicine.  One of the presenters teaches something like art and healing at Western Michigan University and also teaches art therapy classes at the center.  I can’t quote exactly what she said, nor have I tried to find the statistic….but basically it said that one session using creativity like art or writing gave a person health benefits for up to three months. 

I’ve been debating weather I should keep writing on this blog.  I seem to be lacking in inspiration.  I’ve never done cancer before so I’m not exactly sure how I’m supposed to feel now.  I feel relieved.  I want life to go back to normal…..but not necessarily the way it was since there were changes to be made.  I think I still have more to say…..but maybe I won’t say it as often.  Maybe once a week or so.  I’m going to give myself some slack that I don’t need to write every day.  But still take advantage of this creative outlet.

I’ll skip the decoupage and stick to blogging.

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5 thoughts on “Creative Outlet

  1. sara says:

    Yes, stick with the blog! WHen I feel uninspired, I remind myself that my blog is mainly for Jack (and possibly future children) to look back and know what I was like at this age. And what they were like at their ages. It doesn’t have to be profound or deep . . . it’s just a chronicle of your life. I think it’s great that your kids (who won’t have a clear memory of how strong their mom was and her fight through cancer) have a written record of it.

    Then again, that’s just me . . . you may have different purposes for your blog!

  2. Kristen M. says:

    I really can relate to how you’re feeling about your blog. Throughout my journey I wrote updates to friends about my treatment and they so appreciated it because they were so concerned. It was a great outlet for me to express myself and I LOVED getting tons of supportive responses. I really needed that.

    I keep in touch now still about work and the kids and their pictures and life, and about a doctor’s appointment or two, but not like I used to. I am living my life and am busy and don’t have the time. Mostly, my life doesn’t revolve around cancer anymore and I have other things to think of. It is always in the back of my mind, but not in the forefront like it used to be.

    I haven’t forgotten about our date with Kathy and hope to get together soon! I always check in to see how you’re doing and hoping that you’re healing well!


  3. Carl Wilton says:

    Yeah, I feel the same way sometimes. But then I run across some topic or other and decide I just have to write about it.

    It’s different, now that I’m out of active treatment. I’m still in a watch and wait mode with my cancer (Non-Hodgkin lymphoma), though, so I guess I’m still not out of the woods – if, indeed, I ever will be.

    But you’re right, it is different, now that getting through cancer treatment is no longer the #1 challenge I’m facing.


    • clergygirl says:

      I don’t know why….but your comments always go to my spam and I only check that once in a while! But thanks for checking in on me. I enjoy checking your site and hearing from you too!

  4. Genanne says:

    I really do hope you keep up with the blog at the pace that suits you. We don’t often connect in (real) life, but I think of you often, and I am so interested in what you are facing. I look to you as one of my female role models, and I love reading your honest, well written posts as not only an info update, but as a lesson on how to handle adversity with strength and grace.
    Love and light to you.

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