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I suppose one of these days I’ll mosey on back over to Ann Arbor to meet with my doc at University of Michigan.  She is an expert in the field of IBC so her opinions matter.  I don’t feel quite the urgency that I felt last winter, but I still feel like I should go.  I was just reading at IBC Watch (The link is to the left) and being reminded how great it was that I responded so well to chemo (no trace of cancer).  Women who are Her2 positive have much better success rates thanks to Herceptin now.  (If you have IBC and you respond to chemo and herceptin…..this is a very good thing.  So don’t let the information out there scare you…..lots of sites need updating!)

So I’ve never thrown a question out……but here goes….

If you have recently had IBC…..did you have chemo again after radiation?  My oncologist at U of M had mentioned doing this a few times, although these discussions happened before the path report that was totally clear after my mastectomies.  So I started with chemo (taxotere, carboplatin and herceptin) which got the cancer even in my lymph nodes, then I had the mastectomies, then six weeks of radiation. 

I certainly don’t want to lose my hair again but thought maybe someone might respond as to why I might consider chemo again….especially if you did it or knew someone who did.


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