Post-Mastectomy Pain

The good news is that there is nothing of concern going on in my chest.  The bad news is that I’m in a lot of pain on my left side.  It looks like I just strained or pulled a muscle. 

I had an appointment with my onclologist yesterday and she reassured me that everything looks great.   She prescribed me something to rub on the painful area….I think it’s probably similar to biofreeze or something to that effect.  I’m also going back to physical therapy.  I’m going to try a new place called Advantage Physical Therapy that a friend recommended.  I guess they really work her over with massage and I’m feeling like some good massage would help me.  So I’ll look forward to starting that up again.

I’m anxious to get back to exercising but I’m also anxious for this to heal so I’m going to take it easy till I am sure everything is healed up.

The last bit of good news today is Ithat I don’t need to have anymore herceptin.  My port is coming out and I don’t need to go to my last treatment.  We’re taking the port out just in case that’s what is causing the pain.  I’m so glad to be officially done with treatment!  The herceptin worked!


2 thoughts on “Post-Mastectomy Pain

  1. throwslikeagirl74 says:

    Hooray to de-port-ation! 🙂

  2. Kristen M. says:


    Please call and make that appointment for physcial and massage therapy. You will get a lot of relief and they will focus not only on stretching, but eventually strengthening. I spoke to my other friend Jen and she has gone twice since I spoke with her last week. She said it has made a huge difference already. I was talking to the occupational therapist today and he said that women just aren’t informed about how both therapies can help. I, myself thought it was just for swelling, but it does so much more. I know that I will always have to keep that area stretched and the therapy that I’m doing now will help the tissues when it’s time for reconstruction.

    So when I go, I spend about 20 minutes doing upper body stretching. Then I have the massage therapy for 30-45 minutes, then they put heating pads on for about another 15 minutes while I listen to some medatative music. I leave very relaxed and feeling better everytime. I try to go twice a week. My insurance pays 90% and they don’t bill the other 10%. So there is really no expense for me.

    The phone number is 385-3000 and the occupational therapist’s name is Rodge. The massage therapist’s name is Sherri. It is located right on S. Westnedge next to Heavenly Ham across from the Guitar Center. They helped my friend Jen get the doctor’s script too.

    I sure do hope it helps… just passing on something that I know first hand works for me. Hope you’re feeling better!


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