Olive Oil Fights Breast Cancer

Since I’m Her2 positive this interests me.  On one hand I think….wow I should eat more olive oil.  On the other hand I am a bit angry because I think…..”I do eat a lot of olive oil.”  I cook probably 90% of my food with olive oil!  Oh well.  I’ve thinkcooking it makes it rancid so maybe the trick is to eat it uncooked (per the article on it being cold pressed).  Maybe I’ll need to go to a spoonful of plain olive oil a day…..lol! 

Here’s a bit of the article:

“Researchers from the University of Granada in Spain wondered why a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil appeared to lower breast cancer risk in some studies but not in others. They theorized that the answer could depend on the type of cancer. Their research found that two chemicals in olive oil—lignans and secoiridoids—block the HER2 protein that causes breast cancer tumors to grow more rapidly than other forms of the disease.”

You can read the rest here at Newsmax.


One thought on “Olive Oil Fights Breast Cancer

  1. Amy says:

    A lot of the Mediterranean foods with olive oil are cooked, too… so I don’t think it’s all about eating it uncooked. They do drizzle it on salads and for dipping breads, but also any savory sauces are cooked with it, breads baked with it, etc. Rancidity is a spoiling thing… cold pressed is used for cooking there, as well. And of course, the mediterranean diet includes other things… from sunny climate to more fish to olives… etc. (And no, spaghetti and meatballs isn’t really all that common there, LOL)! 😛 I wish it were!!! In Italy, fish was very prominent on the menu, along with so many kinds of veggies, risotto with veggies, and pasta with fish or some sort of fishy sauce on it… or marinara. Bolognese sauce wasn’t the standard, though it was available. Quantity of dishes was smaller, too.

    The question I have is how long the latent period is for Her2+ cancer… who knows, perhaps it germinated years ago, when Americans really weren’t in “the know” about olive oil, and our family was eating the standard corn oil or crisco or what-have-you (olive oil wasn’t at Meijers in the 70s– LOL). It’s really hard to apply these kinds of things to individuals, since we don’t know all the risk factors or causes. We know what we should do in the future, in general, but not really what the root cause is for any given person!

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