New Physical Therapist

I went to my first physical therapy appointment post-radiation and at a new facility.  It’s a different approach than my last physical therapist that was post-mastectomy.  This physical therapist uses a  massage therapist that worked with me.  She incorporated some stretching and deep breathing exercises along with the stretching.   I really liked it.  There is a lot of tightness and muscle soreness after mastectomies and radiation and even though I’ve really gotten a lot of mobility back I’m hoping that this massage and stretching will loosen up my muscles and allow them to heal.  I’m especially hopeful the pain in my left rib area will subside with therapy.  I read recently that muscle pain from radiation is at it’s worst 3-6 months after radiation so I’m right n that time frame…..and hoping it goes away completely by 6 months!


One thought on “New Physical Therapist

  1. Amy says:

    Glad to hear you enjoyed this therapist. Massage always sounds good! And it is good to know those statistics about the post-rad pain. Somehow knowing that it’s “normal” and that it will recede must help.

    I’ve had a week of Ollie over my shoulder, sick… he has pneumonia… we were at the ER Friday pm. Fun stuff.

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