I’ve been de-ported!  One more item from the post-cancer checklist crossed off!  It wasn’t so bad.  After several biopsy’s, digging around in my breast for an abscess (when we thought it was mastitis), and a double radical… really was a walk in the park.  I had a nice chat with Dr. Kalinowski and Traci (nice to catch up with you Traci:))  A little cutting, a little digging, a little pulling and it was done.  hasta luego port-a-cath!  May we NEVER meet again!


One thought on “De-Ported

  1. throwslikeagirl74 says:

    Woo hoo! 🙂 My surgeon gave me mine as a souvenir. Heh. Think I’ll make it into a Christmas ornament or something. Anyway, congratulations, I know how good it feels to have that thing out.

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