Putting Me Back Together

Well, I contacted Dr. Dumanian at Northwestern about the DIEP Flap reconstruction surgery and this was his reply:

“You may or may not be a candidate, depending on many different factors.”

Of course….I freaked with this response and emailed my oncologist who said he probably says that to everyone.  Supposedly you need a lot of belly fat to do the DIEP flap.  I have never looked at my baby belly as a blessing but it may be just that.  As far as I’m concerned, they can take the fat from my hips too.  You’d think between my belly and my hips they could form a couple breasts!  I don’t mind if they liposuction me as well.  I’m no rail so you’d think something would work out.  Who knew someday I would be glad to have fat to spare!%$&!%#!

I’ve contacted his assistant so I’ll keep you posted when I have my first official consultation.  I’m very hopeful….they refer to this surgery as the “Cadillac” of reconstruction surgery…..and well….I like thinking I’m going for the best….lol!  Although I think I’d rather have a BMW or Volvo reconstruction…..”sensible and expensive, rather than gaudy….lol!

I’ve also connected with a woman here in Kalamazoo who has had this surgery and we’re going to meet soon.  I’m so happy to have someone who’s “been there, done that.”  She is the one who recommended Dr. Dumanian.

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