My Trip to Ann Arbor

I’ve been busy with the book tour so I haven’t been able to update you lately. 

On Monday I went to U of M to meet with Dr. Merijver one last time.  Thankfully she did not want me to do anything else and was very happy with the outcome.  I really think because it was the inflammatory breast cancer, the doctors are pretty shocked that the cancer was completely gone after chemo.  I think they had hoped to shrink it before the mastectomies….but for it to be completely gone is….well….really good.

She always has something to lecture me about though….this time she had a few things:

  • Don’t drink alcohol.  This raises your estrogen levels and they are still thinking Her2 cancer starts out as hormone related.
  • Yoga.  I need to build my core to prepare for reconstruction.
  • Exercise…..and lots of cardio.  Running a plus.  She said I need to get moving.
  • Plastic:  Stay away from heating it.  I always grill her about “how I got this” and of course they’re concerned about anything that raises your estrogen levels….they are now thinking BPA is leeching into our food if we heat it in the microwave or leave a water bottle in a hot car, causing estrogen levels to go up.  I had been cautious about this but I will be even more diligent.  We are switching to glass food containers.  Here’s a good article about it.

I don’t have to see her again!  Yippee!  I hope I don’t ever have the need.


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