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Where is the time going!  I feel like time is flying by and I’ve been so lame about writing here.  I guess I’ll just give you a quick update about my going-on’s. 

I have been loving yoga.  I started taking the gentle and restorative yoga class offered at the cancer center and I”M IN LOVE!  I can’t miss it.  It’s every Monday night.  It’s probably good it’s not offered daily because I would be there.  It has been wonderful for my very sore and tight chest area.  I feel like I stand taller and move better, not to mention it is total relaxation!

The pastor at our church has asked me to lead something called a “Daniel Fast” at our church.  It kicks off here on Wednesday, although I’ve already started the fast because I’m leaving on vacation for a week during the fast so I want to make sure I do it fully (it lasts 3 weeks).  I’m excited about leading in church again and it’s keeping me busy.  I put together and wrote several of the devotionals in a book we put together for the fast.  I’ll post a few of them here soon.

That and I’m busy with the kids.  I’m heading to Florida with the kids on the 5th of March.  Jeremy was planning to go with us, but the state of economic affairs and working at a plant in Michigan is making him a tad nervous since they laid off some people at his plant a few weeks ago.  I don’t need to tell you that this is stressful for us but I’m just giving it over to the Lord in prayer and remembering that the God who carried me through cancer is capable of anything and to not worry about tomorrow…..


More than a Coincidence

Last week I was shopping in Meijers.  As I was leaving I saw a woman with a bandanna on her head and I decided to approach her.  She had a little girl with her and I guess having just gone through cancer I wanted to connect with her and encourage her.  We chatted a bit and she told me she had lymphoma and had recently had a recurrence.  As I left meijers I had a good cry.  For lots of reasons my heart hurt for her.  For how tired she looked, for her little girl, for hearing the word “it’s come back.”  I wanted to do more to help her but I had a peace that I should just pray for her. 

The next day I had my three month appointment with my oncologist.  I had to bring my crazy kiddos with me.  We walked (no exploded….lol) out of the elevator on the third floor and I could see the girl I had met the night before at the grocery store sitting in the waiting room.  Crazy.  I of course went up to her.  You could tell she was a surprised as I was.  I had this very calming presence like this was way more than a coincidence!  I left her with my name and phone number.  I hope she does get in contact with me and I can support her in some way.

Would you pray for her.  Her name is Jennifer too.  She doesn’t look a day over 25.  She looks so young.  And they are deciding if she should have a bone marrow transplant which she seems quite scared about.  I’m praying for a miracle in her life.  Will  you pray with me.

Enzyme Identified That May Suppress Breast Cancer

Taken from the article…..

“Scientists in Japan have identified an enzyme which appears to suppress breast cancer and they hope the finding will spur new therapies to control the second most common cancer in the world.”

Read more here.


Make a suggestion….

My mothers with cancer blog site is gathering together for a book.  This is very exciting as I guess there is already an editor ready to put it together.  All of us are supposed to submit 5 blog posts from something we have already written.  I know some of you have been hanging out with me and checking in on me for a while and I was wondering if you could share a post you remember and liked that I wrote.  Maybe something that was moving that stands out to you.  If you can’t remember it fully you could describe it or do a search of my site.  I appreciate the help!  You can email me or leave a comment below.

Recontruction Date Set!

Well….it would seem I am a good candidate for the DIEP flap.  My consultation went well with Dr. Dumanian.  My surgery date is set for April 9th.  I have tons of questions but I couldn’t think of a single thing to ask when we were there…….it’s a good idea to write these things down….lol!  Most of my questions are shallow…….can you contour my shape and is there a laser surgery available to make the coloring of my belly skin match my chest skin.  You would think I would be happy with simply having a tummy tuck and breasts but there’s a part of me that wants to wake up with the originals…and that just isn’t going to happen.

I’m feeling a bit like I hit 36 and started falling a part.  Today I was eating nuts and my tooth broke.  I found a dentist who would see me….at 4:30 this afternoon.  He graciously gave me a root canal and a new tooth and I didn’t get out of there till 7 pm on a Friday evening!  The funny thing is….his brother was the eye doctor I saw when I had that temporary blindness back in November after chemo.   I jokingly told him he and his brother have really helped me out of some tough situations!  I really was grateful he stayed late for me and I’m glad I don’t have to go through the weekend with my tooth half gone!


Today is the day.  One year ago today I was numb with shock.  One year ago today I received a phone call that changed my life.  One year ago today my husband raced home from work and held me while I cried.  One year ago today I wondered if I would be here today.

I am. 

How did I celebrate being free of cancer after a year?  I had an echocardiogram first, raced around doing mom things, and now I’m doing some laundry.  Life is normal.  Almost.  And I’m so thankful. 

Tomorrow I go to meet with a plastic surgeon at Northwestern in Chicago.  I will post how that goes in a day or two.