Where is the time going!  I feel like time is flying by and I’ve been so lame about writing here.  I guess I’ll just give you a quick update about my going-on’s. 

I have been loving yoga.  I started taking the gentle and restorative yoga class offered at the cancer center and I”M IN LOVE!  I can’t miss it.  It’s every Monday night.  It’s probably good it’s not offered daily because I would be there.  It has been wonderful for my very sore and tight chest area.  I feel like I stand taller and move better, not to mention it is total relaxation!

The pastor at our church has asked me to lead something called a “Daniel Fast” at our church.  It kicks off here on Wednesday, although I’ve already started the fast because I’m leaving on vacation for a week during the fast so I want to make sure I do it fully (it lasts 3 weeks).  I’m excited about leading in church again and it’s keeping me busy.  I put together and wrote several of the devotionals in a book we put together for the fast.  I’ll post a few of them here soon.

That and I’m busy with the kids.  I’m heading to Florida with the kids on the 5th of March.  Jeremy was planning to go with us, but the state of economic affairs and working at a plant in Michigan is making him a tad nervous since they laid off some people at his plant a few weeks ago.  I don’t need to tell you that this is stressful for us but I’m just giving it over to the Lord in prayer and remembering that the God who carried me through cancer is capable of anything and to not worry about tomorrow…..


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