Feeling Yucky

I’m having a flashback of those tired, uncomfortable days of chemo.  Late last week I started to feel….well….not so good.  On Monday I started what I thought was my period, but I had one only two weeks ago so it didn’t make sense.  I then realized I had a ruptured cyst….I think.  So I was feeling better and then last night I felt way worse.  This morning I spent some time doubled over.  I sent Charis off to school today on foot.  I usually drive her but I didn’t think I’d make it.  I’m hanging out in my bath robe with Elijah on my lap.  Meleah has dressed herself and amazingly enough actually matches today.

Here’s my frustration.  Remember how I had to deal with my Ob/gyn office for two months before they saw me about the plugged duct that was actually IBC?  Well they’re doing it again.  I love my doctor which is why I stay….but the receptionist are….well….I can’t say it.  I’m not sure what constitutes an emergency at this office but doubled over pain, unexplained bleeding or a swollen feverish breast DOES NOT seem to make the cut!  Arghhhh!  If they don’t call back in the next hour I’m going to my oncologist.  She is way busier but will not ignore me!

I’ve come across another dear young woman who is going through chemo for triple negative breast cancer right now and having a hard go of it.  You might want to check her out.  Her name is Sheri.  Say a quick prayer for her if you think about it.


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