Jury Duty

I have never been summoned for jury duty.  My husband has been requested three times since we moved to Kalamazoo 5 years ago.  In fact, it’s a joke in our family that I never get asked.   I’ve actually complained about this before. 

So guess what arrived yesterday in the mail.  My first jury duty summons.  Eight days prior to my reconstruction surgery.  Paperwork must be filled out within 10 days.  Criminy.  I barely made the kindergarten testing deadline for Meleah two days ago (I noticed it the “day of” the testing in the school newsletter).  I’ve decided to report on May 5th.  I filled out the paperwork this monring.  It seems easier to go than get a note from my doctor at this point. 

I’m planning to be moving around well by May 5th.  I hope this isn’t a lofty thinking.  If it is….warn me now…lol!


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