Final Countdown!

I remember Dr. Dumanian saying he’d like a CT scan before my surgery so I emailed my contact about it last week.  On Thursday I received an email saying where I needed to go for this and it needed to be done one week prior to surgery.  Yikes!  Thursday WAS one week prior to surgery!  So I emailed my concern and they called on Friday.  So now I get to drive over to Chicago by myself for a CT scan.  I wish I could get a friend to come with me but all my friends have kids or work.  Bummer. 

So now I was a bit worried they might spot my ovarian cyst in the scan and freak.  Let’s just hope it’s actually gone.  But I don’t think it is….since I’m still having lower back aches and my legs ache too.  I chatted with my favorite Ob/gyn and she reassured me it wasn’t going to get in the way of the surgery.  Let’s just hope Northwestern feels the same way. 

I’m 5 days away!  I can’t wait!

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One thought on “Final Countdown!

  1. Amy says:

    I hope the trip and scan went well! Hope you have a good drive over tomorrow evening, as well!

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