Just an update on Jen.  I just spoke to the doctor and he said everything went well.  He said they did everything that Jen had wanted and more.  He said that the CT scan that she came over earlier in the week for actually cut an hour and a half off of the time because he was able to plan which blood vessels he was aiming for and which ones were backups if it didn’t work out.  The interesting thing that I didn’t know was that this was the first time that he has used this to help him plan the surgeries.  He said that usually he goes in fairly blind, with only a general plan, but that the scan can only help patients during this process.   He said that they were going to keep an eye on the skin to be sure that it continued to looke like normal (pale) skin.  If so, this meant that everything took appropriately.  He also indicated that he gave her a true tummy tuck, which is what Jen was hoping for.  He took the stomach muscles and pulled them in a bit for her and that overall she got a bit more than she had asked for. 

He said she is going to be hurting for quite a while and that she would be 6-10 weeks recovering. 

I will see her in a bit and may give another update tonight, but will definitely have something tomorrow.  Thank you for all the prayers, concern, and love.  – Jeremy

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One thought on “ALL DONE

  1. Genanne says:

    Thinking of you both – lots of light and love your way.

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