How to keep my mind off of the surgery – Buy Hubby

Well, I just got back to the waiting area at the hospital and got the update that all is well as of 11:45.  They have not done much on updating since this is the first update that I have had all morning. 

Overall, I have given myself some tasks this morning.  First, I went to workout at the hotel for about an hour.  I showered, gathered all of our stuff from the hotel and walked everything back to the car about 4 blocks away.  I checked at the hospital (right next to the parking garage) to see if there was any update, even though I left my cell # so they could call.  I then decided to go to Marshall’s.  Jen needed socks and I needed a couple of things.  Well, all said and done, I bought about 6 more items than planned and spent a bit more than expected.  (Thus the intentional error in the title)

So now I’m back.  She’s “doing alright” and now I’m writting.  But as I write, I get to come back to the present situation.  Primarily – “I miss her.”  Her smile, her hair (now that it is back), her laugh, her skin.  Just her.  I know she is somewhere close, nearby, maybe in the next room.  But she is not awake, she is being cut on, she is being moved around inside and I am (I’m sure “WE ARE”) concerned.  It is in God’s hands, which are so capable.  I will write again soon.  – Jeremy


One thought on “How to keep my mind off of the surgery – Buy Hubby

  1. Amy says:

    Very good plan, to keep busy as much as you can! I hope to hear more soon.

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