How to keep your mind off of your impending surgery – By Hubby

The day before a surgery is never “fun”, but it is usually very “funny”.  Despite the stress, shoulders getting tense, etc…, the mind is always trying to cope by not focusing on the task, or “procedure”, at hand.  Jen and I had a pretty good drive over to Chicago.  We went out shopping after we checked in to the hotel.  During our travels we probably walked about 4 miles over a 4 hour period.  We planned on going to Giordano’s for some pizza, but the wait was about an hour and a half.  We found a small Thai restaurant that was in the lower level of another restaurant.  Jen had some Pad Thai and I had some Pork Thai soup.  Both were excellent and very fresh.  We also ordered egg rolls & crab rangoon.  And again they were both very good but different than what we normally have at a “typical” Chinese restaurant.   But that’s what happens when you go somewhere that makes the food fresh & probably authentic.

Being fairly tired, we went back to the hotel and got to bed at about 9:30 Chicago time.  At 3:30 in the morning Jen reaches over and grabs my arm.  She didn’t say anything. 

In my normal, patient middle-of-the-night manner, I leaned over and grumbled, “WHAT!!!”. 

“Jeremy, I think there is a mouse in our room.  I think it is eating from one of those cookie bags.”  At Doubletree they give you a warm cookie each when you check in and we had eaten them the night before.  The bags, as far as I knew were on the other side of the room. 

So we stayed laying there and listening.  Nothing.  The heater turned on.  The heater turned off.   Nothing………

We got up after 20 minutes and I checked for wrappers on my side of the bed where she had heard the sounds.  I couldn’t find anything. 

We went back to bed, and snuggled a bit.  But still the whole time we were listening.  Still nothing.  I rolled over and faced my side and within a minute Jen pushed her hand into my back.  I hadn’t heard anything, and believe me, I was still listening.  I whispered, “What now?” 

“It’s back….Didn’t you hear it?”  So we stayed laying and listening.  She pushed my back again.  Then I thought I heard something too.  So I did a little test. 

She pushed me in the back again. 

Then without whispering I asked her, “Tell me if you hear it now?” 


“Jen, those are my whiskers rubbing against the sheets.  See,”  as I did it again.  I didn’t think that we would be laughing like that at 4:00 in the morning.  But that’s how you keep your mind off of your impending surgery.

If you are reading through this, then you are someone who has really come to care for Jen and her journey.  She was taken from the prep room (which is where I last was with her) about 20 minutes ago.  So surgery has started or will start soon.   I will try to keep everyone updated throughout the day.  Thank you for your prayers & support.  – Jeremy


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