Lotta Pain

I wish I could tell you I’m doing great….but telling you that would a flat out lie.  I really feel horrible.  Probably the worst pain I’ve had in my life with the exception of childbirth.  I’ve had a horrible time with the pain meds they’ve been giving me as they cause an allergic reaction and I itch all over.  This makes me extremely uncomfortable and I had two panic attacks yesterday because of it.  They gave me valume after the second.  It was miserable.  On top of that they act like it’s so weird that I’m having this reaction and I feel like they aren’t really willing to try something else.  The doctor’s are very aggreeable, but then they leave the room and they don’t give new orders to the nurse and I’m stuck with it for another 8 hours.  Thankfully new orders came this morning and I’m trying something new.  I’m hopeful it won’t make me itch like crazy.

On the brighter side…..the incision sites liik great.  I can tell some of the swelling has gone down in my belly area and the breast transplants seem to be taking very well.  The doctor seems very pleased. 

I’m not going to type much because I feel pretty bad.  Hopefully I can right more later.

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One thought on “Lotta Pain

  1. Hey friends! We are praying for you, and miss you!

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