Feeling a Bit Better

I’m happy to report I’m feeling much better.  We’ve found a medication that does not cause itching and this has relieved a lot of my pain and stress.  I was able to get out of bed a handful of times today and walked around the block in my section of the hospital.  I had visits from two dear friends.  My friend Beth Setty lives here in Chicago and came by yesterday and a friend of mine, Kelly Stevens Page from Michigan happened to be visiting family and came by as well. 

I’ve been able to examine myself a bit more closely today and I’m pretty happy with what I see.  It’s really nice to have breasts again.  Meleah….who often says “mommy, I miss your nana’s”  will be happy to have them back.  They make great pillows for little ones….lol!   I actually think my chest area feels better now.  I’m wondering if the new skin from the transplant meant that I actually lost some of the radiated skin and this might offer relief to some of the areas that were still sore from radiation. 

The tummy tuck is quit interesting.  I have a new belly button.  I think they cut out the old one and sewed it back in after they pulled my belly fat south.  The scar line runs from hip to hip and is right on my pelvic bone.  He went very low for the scar.  Bikini in my future…..probably not….lol!  This is by far the most painful part of the surgery.  It makes me wonder if this feels similar to a c-section?  It hurts to cough….man…it hurts to burp!  I’m very cautious when I move about.  But I can tell I feel better than yesterday and so I think everyday will be a bit better than the one before.

Thanks for your prayers and positive thoughts.

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3 thoughts on “Feeling a Bit Better

  1. Jeremy says:

    I hope your Easter morning is going well my love. I can’t wait to get over there this afternoon.

  2. Spruce Hill says:

    I hope you have a happy Easter.
    I am glad you are feeling a bit better!

  3. Hey Jen, Mary here. Nice talking to you today. Believe me when I say it only gets better every day. I am so glad they figured out your allergy. I can’t believe you are up and walking. WOW. That means you are on the road to recovery. I bet they let you go early. Just enjoy these quiet days while you can. Loved the mouse in the motel story.

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