I’m going to be released from the hospital today.  Sometime this afternoon.  My doctor is very pleased with what he sees and how I’m moving around.  Once again….I am a model patient….(now if only I could have been a model student)….lol!  Really.  I am quite certain the prayers I receive are a big part of my ability to recover so well.  I just don’t know how it could happen otherwise! 

On Friday I thought “Oh God….what have I done.”  Seriously.  I don’t often pray prayers like that but that was what was going through my head.  The pain was incredible, the itching was incredible and when they made me stand up I felt like a ton of bricks.  I could barely move my feet.  It’s amazing to me that 4 days later I am walking (but slowly) and able to get in and out of bed without excruciating pain. 

I’m not sure we’ll be able to get internet at our hotel…..and I’m not sure we want to pay the $10 a day to have it….lol!  So you may not hear from me again until I get back home…..which should be on Wednesday.   My doc wants me to stick around for two days nearby, just in case.

Thanks so much for all your prayers!

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One thought on “Released

  1. Penni Frank says:

    Wow – Jen. That’s amazing. I have been monitoring your progress and I am really excited that you are doing so well. Enjoy the next 2 days in Chicago with Jeremy. I can’t wait to see you when you get back home.

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