They’re Real!

We caved.  We ordered internet for the evening here at the doubletree.  One certainly needs to be careful at these hotels these days though….we’ve noticed the nuts and candy jars next to the coffee pot are “motion” sensitive.  So we carefully move around those, so not to get some outlandish charge on our credit card.

Jeremy decided to get me internet tonight because he’s going out with a friend.  He knew I’d need to blog.  It’s either TV, internet, sleeping or reading.  I’ve pushed myself enough today.  I actually walked for several hours here in Chicago with Jeremy.  The original plan was to walk a few blocks to WaterTower Place where we could rent a wheelchair he could push me around in for a while, but I actually felt so good we kept walking.  We took a break at starbucks.  It was a nice afternoon and I’m glad I could get out for a while.

I’m feeling a bit emotional about my breasts these days.  It’s hard to explain how happy I am to look down at my pajama tank-top and see two mounds.  I’m not being sexual here.  It’s really not about that for me although I feel like I’m easier on the eye with breasts now.  But they feel so real.  Really real!  Since my mastectomy and the radiation my chest has hurt.  I got used to it but it never went away.  I had two strips under each scar of skin that never loosened.  It remained completely red and tight.  But now, with the reconstruction it feels soft and relaxed.  It doesn’t even hurt where the surgical transplant took place.  It truly amazes me.  My kids have their pillows back!  Yay!

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2 thoughts on “They’re Real!

  1. Becky says:

    I have been following your blog from motherswithcancer, and I have been so eager to hear how your surgery went. I am having the DIEP on June 4 and have found myself somewhat anxious about the surgery lately. I am so glad to hear that you are happy so far. I completely understand how good it must feel to look down and see breasts. Hope all continues to go well for you.

  2. Karin says:

    I am behind on following your journey – out of own for a long Easter weekend. So happy to hear about all you have come through and that you are so happy with the results! Love you, Jen!

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