Not So Bad

“Mommy, can you hide that blood thing?”

My daughter says, nostrils flaring.  My big concern with coming home was that my children would want to see the new bod and they would pass out upon seeing the scars.  When asked to see the new nana’s, I was very cautious.

The Girls: “Can we see your new nana’s mama?” (seconds after being in the door)

Me:  “I’m not sure you really want to see them yet, let’s let them heal a bit more.”

The Girls:  “Please mom, we really want to see.”

Me: “How about you feel them instead….they feel real don’t they!”

The Girls: (feel my breasts….boy does that sound funny) “Wow, mommy, they do feel real!”

Hours later….

The Girls:  “Mom, we really want to see.”

Me:  (I show them a bit of the scar line on my breast, but not the worst part.)

The next day….

Meleah pokes her head in while I’m bathing….

Me:  “Meleah….I really don’t think you want to see me yet.”

Meleah:  “Yes, mommy, I do!”

Back and forth banter….

Me:  “Ok….but I warned you.  You might feel scared a little bit.”

Meleah:  (Looks at me, tongue out, nose flaring) “Oh mommy…(pause)….that’s not so bad.  But what’s that”  (pointing to the one drain left)

Me: ” This collects fluid and blood leftover from surgery so I can heal better.”

Meleah:  “eeewwwwww.”

Meleah….anytime my drain is peeking out…..”Mommy….can you hide that blood thing again…’s gross!”

I’m so relieved my children don’t find my bruised and sewn together body gross…..and I will have to say….the drain MUST go soon….very soon….we all agree!

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2 thoughts on “Not So Bad

  1. sprucehillfarm says:

    That’s funny! My kids were the same way about my drains. They still have not seen my scars though. Their choice.

    I think the drains were the worst part. Once that last one comes out you will feel like a new woman! I am glad you are doing so well, I have been keeping you in my prayers 🙂

  2. Brenda says:

    Hi from a fellow PFMCer! I just found your blog via the girlfriends blog. Did Jeremy tell you that we ran into him in the Doubletree lobby while you were having your surgery? I didn’t recognize him out of context. I looked at him a few times but couldn’t place him and looked away, but he was brave enough to ask if we knew each other from PFMC and we had a brief talk. My children and I were in Chicago for spring break. I just knew that it wasn’t simply coincidence that put us in the same place at the same time, and made sure to pray for you! I’m glad your recovery is going well.

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