Back to Chicago

Why do good things always have to come to an end and bad things seem to drag on forever?

I think there was a part of me that thought this surgery would wrap things up.  Like the final fire-works display on the fourth of July.  I was even thinking I might need to wrap up my blog, considering I wouldn’t have much to say.

But I’m sorry to say the saga continues. 

On Monday my “wound” looked rather weepy.  I won’t go in to details for the squeamish readers, but it looked yucky.  Of course it looked yucky on day #1 as well, but on Monday it reached an all time high.  Finally at about 8 pm on Monday night I insisted Jeremy take a picture to send to Dr. D.   He must get the lovely pictures I send him on his phone because he amazes me with his quick responses.  Jeremy and I joke that he probably gets them while he’s eating dinner.  We get a kick out of that…..oh the life of a surgeon!  Anyway….he said it looked like he needed to clean it out. 

Thankfully my MIL came to my rescue once again and drove up from Kentucky to stay with my kids so I could go get “cleaned out” today.  I’m going to save you to details, but I will have to say it did not hurt.  Thankfully.  It’s just a really horrible sensation.  I talk a lot while he works.  (Another reason surgeons probably use anesthesia.)  I think it’s a nervous habit.  Jeremy showed me his hand after the “cleaning out” and I could see my finger imprints in his hand.

But I made it through.  And I even managed to face my fears and change my dressings tonight.  The hole in my chest is now even bigger.  Lovely.

Pray for healing if you think about it.  (Dr. D. would not give me a time-frame.  I’m thinking it’s because he thinks it;s going to be a while.)

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