Growing Up

There’s been a lot of growing up over the past few years.  A lot of changes.  Elijah went from 1 to 2 1/2 during my cancer.  My hair came back in more grey.  I went from feeling great at 36 to being asked if Elijah was my grandson only a week ago.   Before cancer I worried about being asked if I was pregnant thanks to the baby belly.  Now I have to wonder how often I will be pegged as Grandma?  Cancer has taught me to dig deep.  To examine my inner strength rather than counting on my outer beauty.  But the challenge is a daily battle. 

Cancer has aged all of us.  It stole time away from my kids that I’ll never get back.  It aged me more than I care to admit.  But more than ever I am thankful for another day with my kids and quiet days to remember what I’ve been through.





Jeremy and I goofing around right before my diagnosis.  Notice the long hair!





Meleah helping to shave my thinning hair.  Am I smiling?  I just remember this time as a complete fog.

20080726_IMG_ 013_b



At my bye-bye boobs party with a friend.





Me and my formless body and super short hair at Elijah’s second birthday.





Charis and I at her musical.  One month post reconstruction.





Elijah in shock at losing his hair to the summer buzz cut.  How did he grow up so fast.  Look at that figure!  6 weeks post reconstruction.

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3 thoughts on “Growing Up

  1. Avertedd says:

    Млин, спамеры просто достали уже этим своим примитивом!

  2. throwslikeagirl74 says:

    The grandma thing happened to me at at the car dealership. I was 34 for goodness sake. AND my hair grew in blonde? So who knows what people are thinking. At any rate, I think you look beautiful in ALL your pictures. 🙂 And as for feeling grateful for just being here and getting to see our little ones grow, Amen to that.

  3. You do not look like his grandmother – you look like his mom – a young mom at that.
    Whoever said that needs glasses, and is a dork.

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